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Technology Theory

The Machine removes pigment by the effect of explosive high energy from laser. Because the pigment particle in objective organization absorbs high energy, So the superficial epidermis will be bounded out of the body at the moment, while the other  part of the pigment will split into the tiny granules that can be engulfed by macrophages of the body. After the digesion of macrophages,  it can be excluded from the lymphatic system of the body.  The pigment becomes shallow gradually until disappears totally.


  • Easy to operate, Quick to be cured
  • Work 24 hours continuously
  • No bleeding, narcotization is not necessary
  • High and new laser technology-instantaneous explosion
  • LCD display in both Chinese and English, IR remote control
  • Standardized building block design, convenient in maintenance.
  • Will not destroy hair follicle, will not injure ordinary skin without scar.
  • Q-Switches ND: Yag, produced according to international standard, stable in


Laser Type                   :Gem adjusting Q Switch , DKDP and KTPTranscendecy, YAG

Laser wavelength          :Double wavelength 1064nm&532nm

Pulse width                  :0-6ns

Pulse Energy               : 1000mj continuos adjustable

Pulse Number              :2-15

Facula Diameter           :1-6mm continuos adjustable 1-10mm

Using Frequency          :1/2/3/4/5/6Hz

Exterior Dimension       :30*16*24cm

Cooling System            :Winding Cooling & Water Cooling & Semi-conductor Cooling

Control                         :Microprocessor controlled

Repeatation                  :1Hz-6Hz

Warranty                       :1 Year

Electrical input             :220VAC/50Hz+10%

Net weight                    :25 Kg/43Kg.(Gross)


  1. This machine has a new cooling system because of which it can at a stretch for more number of hours.
  2. Because of the configuration of the machine, it can deliver higher power and thus has a wider scope of applications.
  3. Most of the machine parts are sturdy and there is a very low maintenance cost of the system.
  4. Most of the time,the treatments are done under local anesthesia only.However, if the surgical area is wide spread , general anesthesia may be required rarely.
  5. Applications for darker skin types (Type V & VI) Fitzpatrick skin types V &VI contain higher content of Melanin as compared to our Western counterparts. Since we selectively target the dermal melansomes,there are wider range of surgical applications for this laser in darker skin types:


1.Nervus of Ota Surgery

The level of melanin pignment in this condition is in the deep dermis, which makes it inaccessible to surgical excision. 1064nm Yag Selectively targets these melanophages and causes their destruction. Technique-In operation theater settings, after adequate anesthesia, use the power settings high enough to produce the bleeding points and induration. Post operative care-Cover  the wound  with sterile dressing for one week. Put the patient on antibiotics and strict sun protection for next 2-3 weeks.

2. Tattoo Removal

Whether traumatic or cosmetic, tattoos can deposit the pigment at any depth ranging from superficial epidermis to deep dermis. Once in the reticular dermis, this pigment can only be tackled by 1064nm YAG wavelength laser. This applies to Blue and Black pigments. Technique- in operation theater settings, after adequate anesthesia, use the power settings high enough to produce the bleeding points and induration. If the design of the tattoo is curvaceous, use the laser beam selectively on the pigmented area and sparing the normal skin, Post operative care- Cover the wound with sterile dressing for one week. Put the patient on antibiotics and strict sun protection for next  2-3 weeks.

3. Junctional mole excision

Most common type of birthmarks,  moles can be either epidermal, dermal or junctional.  Though the epidermal  ones  can be  removed by simple electro cautery or even repeated chemical peels, the junctional and dermal ones are the resistant ones.  With the surgical excision,  the ugly scar produced, is unacceptable to the patients. 1064nm thus becomes a good option for such cases. Technique- in operation theater settings, after adequate anesthesia.

4.Melasma Excision

Melasma also known as Chloasma or Pregnancy mark is a pageantry condition which is aggravated by hormonal imbalances.The level of pigment again varies from epidermis to Dermis.With this laser, we achieve a complete removal of the pigmentation but the patient has to be explained about the chances of recurrence.Also advisable is the prior priming of the patient with the standard Kligman’s formula for at least two weeks.